Friday, August 28, 2009

Saddle Up!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about the adventure that lies ahead tonight. The one and only Ree Drummond aka The Pioneer Woman will be at the 25th annual Cattleman's Association Range Round Up tonight and tomorrow night at the State Fair Arena. Her family Ranch will be participating in the Rodeo and I'm hoping to get a glance and her and Marlboro man! My friend and wing man Allison will be going with and I'm hoping we get the chance to meet her. Maybe I'll even meet a cowboy!

Tickets are still available at Ticketmaster or you can buy tickets at the event which starts at 7:30 PM August 28th and 29th! Portions of the proceeds benefit Children's Miracle Network.

Where are my cowboy boots when I need them??


Kelsey said...

Could I BE any more jealous?! Wish I was in OKC to go with you guys!!

LATC said...

We wish you were in OKC too!! Hope all is well :)

Pam said...

My friend and I went last year hoping to meet her too! But we never saw her but did see just about everyone else that she blogs about. Did we have the nerve to go *visit*? Of course not!

Lynsie Lea said...

Hope you had fun!!! We need to go shopping for cowboy boots, because I definitely need some too! =)