Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Mother ship

This weekend I'm taking a well deserved road trip to Dallas with my Mama. I will be heading back to the mother ship, also known as Anthropologie. Several years ago I visited two dear high school friends in Washington D.C. We decided to head to Georgetown and do a little shopping. They are boys so needless to say they went their way and I went mine. I stumbled upon a little store named Anthropologie. It was love at first sight. Okay, maybe lust at first sight. That was the day my fashion sense matured and I became a woman, ha! I bought a few things and since then every time I make a trip to a big city I make a stop in to the mother ship. NYC...check, Chicago...check, Kansas City...check, Dallas...check (make that a double check once this weekend comes around). I haven't been to Anthropologie with Mama so she is going to see me in rare form. Besides hitting up the shop we are seeing family and watching Mama Mia. Dad is going to meet up with us Sunday and get some pool time in with family friends then hit up McGeehee's Catfish on the way home.

Anthroplogie, Mama Mia, and Catfish- the parents know a way to a girls heart :)

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