Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life is Short but Sweet for Certain

Does anyone else get sad when a celebrity dies. Not a "oh my goodness I'm going to cry" sad, but a "how awful he/she was so young, their poor family" sad. I always revert back to Princess Diana and remember the time and the place when I heard that she passed Away. I was with my parents at our lake house and we stayed up late watching a movie. It came on the news late that night and I just remember thinking how sad I felt for her boys. I can't imagine what I would do losing my mom at that early of an age. Growing up with both parents alive is hard enough! Natasha Richardson passed away from an accidental fall while skiing with her family in Canada this week and it again reminds me how short life is and how we all need to be thankful for each moment we have with our family and friends.

"It's amazing what a minute can do"- dave matthews band

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kmwthay said...

So true. I get the same awful sad feeling when a celebrity dies. It is sort of like we know them, but we dont know them personally. To a point they have let us into their lives by allowing us to watch them in wonderful character roles - apart of the outside world feels like we "know" them.

It's how I felt when Heath Ledger died. And as bizzare as it sounds, the same when Anna Nicole Smith died.

Tragic. Treasure every moment.