Friday, March 27, 2009


This picture is courtesy of my iphone so I apologize for the not so great quality. This is the window I look out of from my office. As you can see its just raining and gloomy right now. Snow is a comin'!

They are predicting a blizzard! A the end of March! Ridiculous I tell you! I'm praying Walmart still has car ice scrapers. I broke mine in the last snow storm back in January. Wish me luck at lunch!

I had a really weird dream last night that I got to hang out with The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond! I know there was someone else with me, but I can't remember who I was with. Sometimes I wonder if dreams are dje'vu's or predictions for your life. Will this mean I will one day meet the pioneer woman?! Let's hope so.

Happy Friday! If you live in OK be safe with all this crazy weather!


kmwthay said...

ME!!!!! Let's just say it was ME and YOU hanging out with the pioneer woman. She's so flippin cool!

I am in the same boat... a boat without an ice scraper. I'm glad I parked in the parking structure today...just in case it gets here before we leave!

Happy Friday my lil Linzy! Keep yourself warm with thoughts of warm Cozumel!

Lynsie Lea said...

that song is your ring on my phone!! because it makse me think of you too!!! =) I still see no snow around here, just rain. and im jealous of your window view. minei s a fence about 4 feet from my window. haha. JOY.

pamokc said...

ME! I think she is doing a photography seminar one day and I want to win that trip! How cool would we be?