Thursday, August 26, 2010

Feeling Creative

I'm feeling creative again. I know I took a looonnnggg break from this thing but maybe I'm ready to start over.

Since I left you almost a year ago here's what I've been up to in no particular order:

*Another year has come and gone at Children's Miracle Network- I love it and am happy to be where I'm at!
*Winter was Cr-az-y- lots of snow meant lots of snow days!
*Parents remodeling/updating their house
* More Dating
*3 hard passings of college friend, close family friend, and CMN miracle Child
*Renewing my faith- getting back to church, being an active member, joining a biblestudy
* Roadtrip with Kristen to see Lynise in Muskogee
*Summer fun with Little
*Good times with Family & Friends

Hopefully I can keep this thing up & share my thoughts!


Erin Mccracken said...

yea! I'm glad you're back...and super stoked that I got a shout out!!!! Love you and see you sooner than later!

Lynsie said...

im so glad you're back to the blog world!!! I'm kinda back.. maybe a post every other week. but i took down my old one. my new one is
YAY for linzy/lynsie blogs!

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