Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Oklahoma City Zoo

Early Sunday morning I headed to the Oklahoma City zoo with my parents and three close family friends. We got to the zoo right before it opened to avoid the crowd and the heat. Luckily a cool front came through and the high for the day was to only be 90, ha! We hoped on the tram and began seeing loads of animals. It was pleasant and cool for a June morning so the animals were all active and out where we could see them. We got off the tram and walked through the dinosaur exhibit. It was cool seeing fossils from millions of years ago and huge life size dinosaurs.
We then headed through the great escape seeing gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees. Next the temps began to rise as we headed through the Oklahoma Trails. I enjoyed seeing the bears. They looked like they had both just taken a dip in the water. We also passed by the lions, I don't think I have seen them this up close before. All three were chewing on bones.

We then headed to my favorite part of the zoo which is the island life! With Island life that means only one thing...flamingo's!!! After the flamingos our zoo trip was pretty much complete. We passed going to the Pachyderm building since the elephants are gone and also skipped going to the aquarium.

Overall the trip was great! We did it in about two hours and left right when it really started to heat up! If you live in or near OKC you should definitely check out the zoo!

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Lynsie Lea said...

hmmm.. I think Aunt Lynsie needs to take Truman!