Thursday, April 9, 2009


As some of you may know I'm an only child. I have always liked being an only child and rarely on occasion wished that I had a brother or sister. The times that I wish I had a sibling are when I think about when my parents are gone, but I get a great sigh of relief from the thought of having my cousins in my life. I have two boy cousins that are close to me in age. They used to live somewhat close and growing up we spent many fall breaks, Christmas, summer, etc together. Our mom's are sisters so we were always getting together so in some way my cousins are like brothers to me! They would act just like a brother would to a sister, but they also made the tom boy come out in me. I'm the middle child out of the 3 cousins and the oldest is visiting this weekend with his fiance and little boy Ayden. Ayden was born in November and because he was so close to Christmas they were not able to visit Oklahoma. So this will be the first time meeting Ayden and I can not tell you how excited I am to see him! I'm calling him my nephew (instead of a second cousin) I figure that my cousins are like brothers so he might as well be a nephew to me!! ha :)
Have a wonderful Easter!

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Lynsie Lea said...

CUTE baby!!!! Have fun playing with your new nephew!