Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

Well, I guess it's about time to spill the beans. I met THE Pioneer Woman on Friday night. Allison and I walked into the State Fair Arena and like a beacon of light there she was. We decided to screw the general admission seats and sit in the reserves right behind her. Allison's husband came with us and poor soul had to put up with us oohing and goohing over her..."oh she's taking a picture" "look she's tweeting". We even got to see the punks aka her kids and Marlboro man in the flesh! I must admit he is a good lookin cowboy! I knew the pioneer and I could instantly be bff's when I glanced and saw her take a sip out of her budlight bottle. About halfway through the rodeo I saw her get up and head out of the stadium. I looked at Allison and said "I'm gonna go say hi and meet her" and that's exactly what I did. Do I have any shame? Nope. Followed her straight to the ballroom where she was standing in front of the door with her kids. I politely asked "Excuse me, are you the pioneer woman?" and in a calm sweet voice she answered back "why, yes" We chit chatted for a minuted then went into the bathroom to do our business. Then came out of the stalls and washed our hands next to each other. I told her how I've been trying to win a mixer...hint hint pick Linzy. ha! :) She told me it was nice meeting me and went on her merry way.

I facebooked, texted, tweeted that I had just met THE PIONEER WOMAN. The whole world of Linzy knew 5 seconds after it happened. God bless the iphone.

Not sure what happened the rest of the rodeo I was floating on cloud 9

PS Yes she really is that pretty in person. Girl has great hair!


kmwthay said...

I should have went with you. AND - you should have posed for a picture with her. That could be money someday!

ps - the word verification is 'urine'


Adam and Cassidy said...

She's doing her cookbook signing in Dallas on December 1st! I am so ready to meet her. My hubs and I are kind of entranced by the thought of living on a ranch!

theCityShopper said...

Um, your forgot the part where I was completely starstuck and froze in my seat. yeah.